Yin Flamenco is a healing journey through the intensity, grace, and richness of Flamenco. The movement practice was created to assist women to fully embrace their power, yet remain beautifully feminine while they unwind stagnant energy from the body. It’s storytelling through one of the most passionate dance styles in the world. In essence, the body becomes poetry and raw expression. 

Yin is the feminine counterpart to Yang. Yin is the roots, the depth and what sustains us. Compared to Yang’s active Qi, Yin is passive. We will be exploring the notion of rooted earth energy and passiveness is actually strength! 

Flamenco is not just dance, but profound cante (song). One of the most profound songs is Solea. The hardships of loss and sorrow are reflected and brought to life by voice. Transcending this loss and sorrow through movement is storytelling. 

When there is transcendence there is healing. Why? When negative emotions can stay in the body they can potentially create dis-ease. As an acupuncturist and in my practice, I have seen this phenomenon first hand. Now I want to share with you how to release negativity by taking you through this journey without having to spend years training as a flamenco dancer.

No dance experience necessary, only willingness to share, express, and be bold. This workshop will be taught barefoot so don’t worry about finding a flamenco type shoe.