Your Initial Constultation

Your first appointment with me is called an Initial Consultation. The appointment is 90 minutes long to give us time to for us to talk about the reason of what brought you in and your health history. Your personal health history is unique to you and it starts from your birth. We will discuss your health as a child,  use of antibiotics, accidents (car, sports, falling off the monkey bars, etc.), surgeries, family life, where you grew, climates and environments you have lived and worked in. We may not get to all of it in the first treatment, but it gives us a starting point.  

    An Overview of the Treatment

    • Pulse readings: Radial and carotid pulses are read to help understand which channels are needing to be addressed. 
    • Channels Assessment: I will do a survey of your channels looking for scars, changes in the tissues, spider veins, etc. 
    • Begin Treatment: I will explain my diagnosis and my treatment strategy. Most often I will give a front and back treatment. One part addressing your chief complaint and one part addressing your constitution. 
    • Follow-up: 3 to 4 days after the treatment I will follow up with you to know how you responded to the treatment. 


    • Where loose and comfortable clothing. 
    • Rest after your treatment. 
    • Drink water. 


    • Drink alcohol or recreational drugs after your treatment. 
    • Engage in heavy workout or sexual activity.