Drea has been my acupuncturist for two years. I first started seeing her for back pain and now I see her regularly for whole health and wellness. Not only does she have the warmest personality, but is extremely knowledgeable about Chinese medicine. My six-year-old son and husband have also been patients of hers.
— Noel Busch, UT Professor

Drea did some amazing work on my back. I basically went from a pain level of 10, down to a level of 0 overnight! It was a magical experience! Thank you so much, Ms. Pacot!!!
— Jorge Dahnke, NicArte

Just a few visits were a real help to me. Drea was thorough, and researched my symptoms between visits. She offered very helpful information to me!
— Mary Partridge, Photographer

As a fitness and health professional, I highly recommend Drea. Her intuition and knowledge from even our first session keeps me coming back for the mentally feel good results and physically noticeable difference in my body. Thanks for being awesome and see you soon.
— Jeremy Robinson, Austin Holistic Fitness

I had been dealing with two autoimmune diseases who’s traditional Western treatment were in opposition with one another, so I decided to give acupuncture a try. As a result, I’m in remission and getting healthier daily. Working with Drea has been a Godsend.
— Kassie Welch, Real Estate Consultant

“Just saw Drea for the first time. I love her touch and technique. She is very gentle. She uses needles cupping(loved it) and Moxa stick. I love practitioners that use different modalities and really customize it for your body. Very relaxing.”
— Kim Whitted, Meche Organics