Stress and Your Constitution

I have been thinking a lot about stress lately. Normally I pride myself on on living stress-free, but life happens and guess what....these last two months have been stressful. Now I know first hand that stress changes your constitution. It's easy to turn to a glass of wine, binge watching TV series and eating crappy food. (Okay...I did that for like a day....maybe two.) The truth is getting acupuncture puts me back into balance more than anything.


My answer is my own personal opinion of what I have noticed inside my body and my mind. The Qi of your body begins to flow differently, not as it should when we are stressed. Depending on where your inherent weakness resides is where you may feel it most. For me it's my stomach, which means anxiety and digestion issues. For others it may mean irritability and muscle tension. Or maybe insomnia and fatigue.

Please don't think of Qi as ethereal energy that is simply flowing around. Think energy with intelligence and purpose. Your Qi is keeping all your vital organs in working like a well oiled machine. Stress makes Qi stagnant. It stops, slowing down all the mechanics and giving an opportunity for disease to enter.

Chinese Medicine is an amazing medicine and acupuncture is one of it's tools. Through understanding how channel systems flow and pulse diagnosis, I can read where your body fell out of balance. It's a beautiful thing! Take advantage and utilize Chinese Medicine.

Be happy.
Find time for yourself.

drea pacot